Friday, July 30, 2010

Its go time....

Outside of hull was laminated last week, dolly and supporting cradle has been built and finished yesterday. The hull is ready to remove from the jig and flip over this Saturday. Then we will be able to laminate the inside on Sunday.

From there on in it is all hands on deck almost 6 weeks to the sailing season (looks like it might be a few weeks late). The two images above are some of the printed out templates of all the cockpit and interior. This is what I'm hoping will help drastically reduce our build time and where having a 3D CAD model of the boat should come into its own.

After the hull is laminated on the inside the internal structure will go into the boat in stages in the night time after uni during the next two weeks. Once the components are positioned and glued in place we will come back later and laminate / vacuum bag them in. I'll update with more photos after we flip the hull.


  1. Even with a 3d model make sure you test fit the templates before cutting the foam.

  2. yeah agreed, we began test fitting the templates as soon as we got them and identified a problem almost straight away which just needed a little bit of tweaking of the 3D model and i just need to reprint the bulkhead templates and after that we should be right hopefully. I'll try to put some more photos up in the next day or two.