Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hull laminated.... almost

Finally started laminating the outside of the hull today and halfway through ran out of carbon... looks like we used a lot more that we thought making the previous components for the boat. On the plus side, having the cloth on the -+ 45 degree allowed the cloth to draped over the chines quite easily. Also using scrapers/spatulas to wet out worked extremely well even on the curved surface of the hull. The peel ply was used to help soak up any excess resin and help prepare the laminate for secondary bonding of paint and fairing compound.

Looks like the next opportunity to pick up some cloth and finish the hull will be Thursday so hopefully not to much time will be lost. I will be able to pull the profiles for the cradle of the CAD model tomorrow so we can build the cradle while the hull cures. We will also be able to construct the centreboard case, member for the space frame, spinnaker chute and side tank mould in parallel to laminating the rest of the hull.


  1. Oh moi gowd Adam. Did you forget the20% rule

  2. Haha basically yes.... looks like we used heaps more cloth than i first throught making the small components earlier on. Also not physically measuring how much was left on the roll probably didn't help either.

  3. Hey Adam, My name is Ollie Hartas. I sailed Simon Blatchfords cherub at the last to rounds of CHS and just bought my own, 3154 ex POCKET ROCKET. i was wondering if when you did the work around where the chainplates for the sidestays will go and the reinforcing of those and other high stress level areas, was it uni-directional carbon cloth? was it layed so that any tension applied (e.g. sidestays, so tension would be applied upwards) would "tighten" the carbon braid of the cloth?