Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Putting the CNC Router to work.

Finally got a chance to put the CNC router to work.  The first image is a trial run of a goose-neck fitting mould to be made from MDF.
Below is the MDF mould after roughing out with a end mill.

After finishing passes with a 8mm ball mill.

Single coat of epoxy resin prior to sanding.  Note: A single heavy voat of resin was sufficient.  The surface sanding back to a very nice mould surface.  I was certainly impressed.

The component after vacuum bagging.

I used the router to cut a slot for a standard stainless steel Reilly fitting.  This was test fitting the depth of the slot.

Using a trace function to cut the profile of the part in the mould.  I used small spacers of 3mm Perspex to keep the tool away from the mould surface.

Trimmed component

Test fit on the mast :)

The cavity between the mast and fitting will be filled with Q-cells to improve the compressive strength (Vang loads).