Tuesday, July 20, 2010

idea for laminating the centrecase

This is my idea for laminating the centrecase into the boat hull.

Firstly when we build the cradle, we make sure the area under the centrecase is well supported. Then mark out the area and grind away the foam so that we are left with the outside skin only in the centrecase area. Then the centrecase is trim, aligned and positioned. This is then bogged into place using a strong filler such as a glue powder or some sort of fibre filler and a small radius is made between the outside edge of the case and the hull skin.

Once this has cured and been neatened, the first laminate is done and cured. After this a foam wedge or filler piece is bogged into place using a light filler such as Q-cells and the second laminate is done over the top to tie everything in.

The reason for this double laminate process is because it allows you to distribute the load from the centreboard case into both the top and bottom skins and providing a large area to spread this load on the case its self.

Also note that in a loaded case such as a centreboard the hull exit is under twice the load of the centreboard head/floor exit so the hull exit needs to be particularly strong and the floor exit can be made a little lighter.

On the floor exit, I intend to glue a foam strip around the case to the height of the underside of the falsefloor so that it can just drop straight on top / around the case and be glued in place, then reinforce the opening from the topside of the floor.


  1. Hi Adam, thank you for all the detail. very helpful. I am up in Sydney Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. Any chance of a visit. Let me know a time that suits you. Otherwise will be up again in 2 weeks.


  2. Hi Paul,

    I'm afraid i will be away for the weekend, but i've been working with my dad on the project and he will be around on friday evening/ saturday. You are more than welcome to drop by. I live up at Avalon on the northern beaches, you could give my dad, Greg a call on 0401266274 if you want to sort out a visit. Otherwise if that doesn't work out for you i should be around the next time your up.

    Cheers Adam