Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hull shell ready for laminating

Finally have finished putting foam onto the jig. We have faired in any rough areas and are ready to laminate the outside of the hull. The outside laminate will be 1x layer of 200gsm plain weave carbon cloth laid in a +- 45 degree axis with respect to the boats centre line. The main reason is to help increase the torsional stiffness of the hull and secondly the cloth will drape easier over the chines and sharp corners of the hull. A reinforcing layer will be placed over this to help spread take the load from the mast step and centre case area. This will be approximately diamond shaped and the fibre orientation will be 0/90 degrees to the hulls centre line. This laminate will be mirrored in the inside of the hull.

here are some photos of the hull ready for laminating:

Transom of the hull, about 10mm of curvature so almost flat.
Bow area certainly seems sharp and fine, although the intersection between the chine and bow is lower than the Matthew's hull. This means that the bow might not actually be as fine as i was hoping, I'll need to see two hulls together to find out how much finer we have made it.

A view from the back of the boat, its difficult to get a decent shot in the garage of the true shape of the boat so I'm looking forward to when we can take it off the jig and move it around a bit.

The current plan is to laminate the outside of the hull on the weekend then begin constructing the cradle next week.

We will be just using a simple wet-layup technique on the outside of the hull using plastic spatulas/scrapers as much as possible then applying a fine peel ply to help absorb excess resin and give a surface that's almost ready for secondary bonding.

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