Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is the final design i have settled upon after four iterations. The rocker was reduced by 20mm so that the height of the chines intersecting the bow could be raised by a further 40mm to allow a finer bow to be acheived. Also the curvature positions were reduced to the minimium third in the midsections of the boat, while increasing to the maximium postion near at the transom.

This was my first attempt at desgining a new cherub hull for the 2010/11 season. Transom and midpoint on minimium with a very flat transom.

The programme I used was a 3D solidmodeller called Solidworks, i orginally tried using a CAD programme called Multisurf which was more aimed at boat hulls but was difficult to use and the infomation extracted from it wasn't as useful as Solidworks.

My intentions behind the design was to build a hull that would be very fast in moderate to heavy air conditions. As i believed it would give me the best chance of doing well in the up and coming national titles in Adelaide. For this i agreed on a very flat transom for effecient hard planning downwind and a very sharp bow to deal with chop from stronger breezes. Although this finer bow would create a boat that would nose dive easier it was countered by the reduction of the transom width. This had two purposes 1, was to allow the transom to "sink" by shifting crew weight further aft to raise the bow in the event of a close nosedive and the second was to reduce the plannnig area for faster planning when flat out downwind.