Tuesday, April 6, 2010

These are a few photos of the garage in a moderately clean state for us before we begin cleaning / construction, just as a simple before and after reference.

Also went to FGI this arvo to obtain a rough quote for materials. With a rough estimate using the "NSW Cherub Schedule" spreadsheet provided by Rolf as a guide to the amount of foam needed, the following was estimated.

8 x sheets of 10mm, 80 kg/m^3 Klegecell foam = $1150
46m 200 gm^2 E-glass = $315
4m 200 gm^2 Carbon = $180
10 kg Epoxy resin = $220
Plus consumables

Rough quote is $2000 for hull materials, using mainly E-glass.

CNC machining of jig (including MDF) is rough quoted at $500

2-pack paint for hull and tools for construction approx $500

At this stage a rough cost for the complete hull is $3000 upon which a rig, sails and fittings are needed.


  1. How come someone so clever doesn't have a drivers licence!!! Spice

  2. Spice. Maybe he's the clever one not having a licence. And I'm the dumb one picking him up all the time.