Friday, April 30, 2010

Expanding foam test pour

Clean garage, ready for work.

This photo is of the first test pour of the expanding foam into the mould to make sure that the process would work without producing large air pockets.

Using a rough solidworks mould it calculated the volume of the rudder to be 2.35 L. The amount poured into the mould was calculated as enough to fill this space.

As can be seen from the photo below, this pour did not turn out so well. Firstly the largest problem was that obviously there was not enough foaming resin in the mould. After checking the volume of the mould with water it turned out to be about 4L not the 2.3L that was calculated. This resulted in a large number of voids and unfilled cavities as well as not filling the mould the whole way.

After talking with SP it was suggested that the resin should be brushed on all mould surfaces before joining the halves together, as well as use the correct volume of resin.

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