Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The JIG has arrived

The jig was completed at the CNC cutter this morning and I was able to pick it up shortly after. The initial rough quote was $500 for materials and cutting time. After i simplified the jig design to reduce the cutting time a little. The final cost this morning was $374, this covered approx 1 hr of cutting time (@ $220 an hour) and 4 sheets of 18mm MDF. The images below are just a quick mock assembly of some of the jig to check if everything was okay, which it appears to be. I haven't double check any measurements yet but i will do in the near future.

I'm still waiting on the expanding epoxy foam, which should be here before the weekend so that i can make the foils and return the moulds so there is room for the jig to be assembled. Also now that i have the jig we need to drill holes around the edges so that we can attach the foam sheets. We are also going to paint the jig with old paint to help protect it from moisture and hopefully allow another hull or two to be built off it provided the design is okay.

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