Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hull has been sprayed

Finally got a chance to spray the hull and decks this weekend. The colour is Waratah red and flowed from the 1.4mm nozzle gun very well with no reducer. We ended up using 2.5 liters of colour (as opposed to 1.5L that i calculated from the data sheet) the main reason for this is that we decided to do a third coat on the hull from chine to chine to try and smooth out a little bit of orange peel.

Next step is to use a roller the put the white paint on floor and put in the aggregate to make a grippy finish on the floor. Then the do the final trimming pieces such as clear two pack paint on the rudder gantry, rudder, centreboard and transom bar.


  1. So you're nearly ready for me to take it out for it's first sail as test pilot. I promise I won't scratch it... :)

  2. hahaha, not just yet.

    Still waiting on fittings from ronstan and for me to finish my uni work (end of the month). We pick up the new mast early next week, but i will need to measure out rigging to be made. So it might still take a little bit of time to get out on the water.