Monday, May 3, 2010

Releasing rudder

The rudder released from the mould relatively easily, except the electrical tape we used on the leading edge to create a hollow for a carbon tape later on turned out to hold the blade in the mould and took a little bit of work to release. The blade at this stage has an extremely fine trailing edge, which we will trim back a little to help prevent damage. Although when releasing the blade it did look like there my possibly be an air pocket or a section on the leading edge that hasn't bonded properly. So i will need to do some investigating into that later in the week. Also rudder blade out of the mould was 1.5 kg I think the amount of carbon that went in was 500g on the rudder (total) and 900-1000g in the centreboard (total)? i probably should have written that down, mybad.

Although there is also clear 2-pack paint to go over the carbon finish to;

1. Help fill any hollows and give a little bit of material to fair the board with.
2. To make the carbon look good.

Tip: When trying to release something such as a rudder blade from a mould, try to work from the head of the board as this is the stiffest end (as opposed to the tapered tip). So that instead of flexing the board in mould, you are actually lifting it from the surface effectively.

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