Monday, May 24, 2010

Intial jig setup

The photos below show the intial setting up of the jig, this was suprisingly quick and everything seemed to fit fairly well. The final accurate lining up of the jig will take place shortly. So from some of these photos you can begin to see the shape of the hull.

Also we had a quick look at bending the foam over the jig. It looks fairly good in places but we might have a bit of fun / difficulty in some areas. Also it will be interesting to see how the spacings go, as the foam was quite flexible / unsupported so only time will tell. If the foam is not supported enough, one option may be to laminate the inside of the foam strips with a light glass cloth to stiffern them up.


  1. My comments wouldn't be allowed to be posted on line!!! Hope to be in Sydney late June and hopefully come around for a bow peep at the progress. Spice

  2. Yeah no worries, stay in contact with us and when you come down you certainly welcome to come and have a look over it.