Wednesday, August 12, 2015

So its been a few years,  I've finished my engineering degree.  I've worked in the industry for a few years, tried my hand at a bit of 4wding, power boat builds, casting metals at home and TIG welding a new box trailer.  I've grown a little older and hopefully I've grown a little wiser, but finally the itch is back.

I've lifted the covers on the old girl and shes all still there just as I remember her.  I've had a good look over the condition of everything and identified a bit of the list that needs to be worked on.

The plan is to have a serious go at the 2015/16 Cherub National Titles in Brisbane over the new year.  I've been out of the class for a few years (in fact sailing altogether).  So there are going to be a few challenges along the way.

So stay tuned and watch this space, i'll be posting updates on my strategy, component design, boat repair, rig setup and analysis (The class has changed the rules in regards to sails, so that will be an interesting development to look at) and hopefully manufacturing some new foils.


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