Sunday, November 21, 2010

Update form a sail at lane cove,

The boat performed fairly well on the weekend, with the hull keeping up with the faster boats upwind and showed good downwind speed if not equal with the faster cherubs. Breeze was around 10 knots with gusts of 15. The sails were from my old boat and did not fit particularly well. Especially the spinnaker due to the further aft mast position and rake, So i needed to place strops on the tack and head to get some sort of "slack" in the luff, which produced a difficult to handle spinnaker.

With this in mind the rig has basically be placed in the boat using generic values of rake and an unknown rig tension, so I'm hoping that with some tuning and re-cutting/ new sails it will prove to be a very fast boat in medium to heavy airs.

Cost Update:

Preliminary cost of the project is as follows:

Jig materials - $550
Hull materials - $3950 (Resin, carbon, foam, consumables etc)
Power tools/ consumables - $400
Fit out - $3550 (CST rig, stays, fittings etc)

Total Cost - $8500

Although this cost is likely to be around $9000 after a few more ropes/fittings, also sails need to be considered.

I will give a more detailed cost breakdown further down the track.

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