Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hull laminating has been essentially completed, decks and side tanks are laminated in place as are all the hard points for fittings. At this point the hull weighed in at 41kg the minimum weight for the class is 51kg. This gives us 10kg for paint, filler and fittings.

I have worked out that i need 1.5L of (Waratah Red) colour paint for the hull, deck and side tanks and 0.25L for the white floor so i have ordered a bit more than this for wastage and spare paint in the event we need to do a significant repair down the track.

So far we have two three coats of "bog" (thickened epoxy resin with Q-cells) over the hull and "torture" boarded two of these coats and already the hull is look a lot nicer and fairer. Once we are happy with the shape or "fairness" of the hull we will spray a two part primer/filler to fill any left over small holes. Then we will be onto the final paint topcoats.

We have already ordered a new high modulus rig from CST and approx $1500 worth of pulleys, cleats and fittings from Ronstan. At this stage we are planing to be at the first state titles rounds in mid October in some form or another. Although there is still a lot of work to do associated with the centreboard case, vang system and fit out.

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