Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick update

Above are a few images of the new side tank moulds. They were made using five 16mm MDF templates glued to backing strips then a sheet of 3mm melamine coated MDF was bent over the frames and glued down. Hopefully this set up will be able to resist the loads put on it from the vacuum bag, only one way to find out i guess. Plan is to pop one of these out this weekend.

Above is an image of us doing a rough fit / check of the foredeck and floor panels. Both of the these were pulled straight from the CAD model and fitted really well straight away. The foredeck template was also useful in highlighting how much the hull actually moved / spread out once it was removed from the jig.

This is a photo of the bowsprit receiver tube that i thought would be useful to share. Basically to fit the receiver tube a section was cut out of the bow and a simple bulkhead with a hole cut in it was made to support the back. The section that is on the stem will have a fairly substantial laminate (3-4 layers of 300gsm UNI + 1x 200gsm cloth) wrapping over it and down both sides of the bow. The bulkhead will then have a few strips of uni and some cloth to take to load to the gunwales and down lower on the sides of the hull. This area is going to have a few more little tricky bits and ideas thrown at it over the next couple of weeks so I'll keep you updated.

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