Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a few bits

Work has been slow over the past week or two with thesis work at uni ramping up a bit. Last night we laminated the new tiller for the rudder box, which is a fairly simple straight tapered tiller. I'll take it out of the vac bag tomorrow and let you know what the weight is.

We visited CST today and picked up a carbon recieving tube for the bowsprite 50mm ID x 400mm 2mm wall thickness long carbon tube (about 200g) and collected a qoute for a new mast. We are still unsure at this stage what we are doing about a rig, but considering we are planning to sell heart shaped box (3064) it looks like we will be buying a new one.

Our plan is to finsh the foam sheets on the hull this weekend and to laminte the outside of the hull by next weekend.

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